There are only three things to know in order to know about me. Those are I love my family, I love computers/technology, and I love cars. If you're like me and love building things then you probably will never forget the first computer you built. I can still rememeber standing outside as the UPS man pulled in the driveway with all my computer parts, I was like a kid in a candy store. Just cut to the chase and Check out my --> Resume Here <--

I love every aspect of computers everything from building a physical computer, to building your own server or your own web application. Love to be challenged, challenges are just a hurdle to knowledge. I like to participate in cybersecurity events and expand my knowledge with Hacktivities and tryhackme machines. I love to connect with like minded people and talk about: Cybersecurity, Malware Analysis, Kubernettes, Linux, Raspberry Pi CLusters.



Modis Engineering ~ On Behalf of

April 2020 ~ current

  • Data Center Technician

  • Hardware Machine Repairs 35k+ repairs, Diagnosing & troubleshooting

  • Porting/swapping fiber optics in addition to running and porting bundles of fiber all while maintaining excellent cable management
  • Carolina IT Professionals ~ On Behalf of

    September 2019 April 2020

  • Level2 IT Corporate Tech Support

  • Communicated with Field Technicians, troubleshooting network devices located within the lowes hardware stores including PC's, switches, SCO (Self Check Out), UPS's, axon devices and Aruba devices.

  • Linux CLI, Cisco Routing, Running scripts, Basic Linux server commands.

  • Skill Set:

    • Linux_USR
    • Bootstrap
    • HTML5
    • CSS3
    • SCSS
    • javascript
    • GIT
    • GITHUB
    • Docker
    • NGINX
    • V.S_Code
    • InkScape


    ECPI University ~ Virginia Beach, VA   /   April 2015 ~ September 2016

  • Associates in Computer Science Specialized in Network Security.
  • Graduated with GPA of 3.7
  • Dean's List for maintaining GPA of 3.7 & above

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    Thomas N.

    I just wanted to hop on here and give a shout out and review to John and his amazing support and skills. We've been working on getting my site up and he has been very helpful with ideas and very on point with communication. Kept me up to date with all the changes along with explainations of those changes and how they benefit the site performance and flow. It has been an absolute pleasure working with John on this project and seeing my ideas come to reality thanks to him.


    Raspberry Pi webserver

    click the image above to read a full write up about the Raspberry Pi Cluster server.

    What are you waiting for contact me today!

    Raspberry Pi Cluster running Nginx Webserver. The picture shown above is the Pi cluster in its testing stage setup. Soon to come I will be building my own custom casing for it to hold a total of rasbperry pi's. This was by far my #1 favorite project of all to do. If you are interested in a full write up of this particular build please feel free to contact me, I am currently working on a write up on how I built the cluster.

    If you wish to see the source code for any of these projects please feel free to Contact me then just click "source code" in the contact form.

    Redemption Racing and Garage

    Build Stack:
    • Bootstrap4
    • HTML
    • SCSS
    • CSS3
    • PHP

    Mobile Display:
    Desktop Display:
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    Mobile Display:
    Desktop Display:
    Visit Full Site Here.
    Raspberry Pi WebServer:
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    This was by far my #1 favorite project's of all to work on. So quick rundown of this project I currently have 5 (& will continue to grow) Raspberry Pi's that have been clustered together using Docker Swarm and kubernetes. This feature allows me to cluster together several nodes(by nodes i mean Raspberry Pi’s) and manage them using a container orchestration system known as kubernetes. From there I can manage multiple containers that might make up a single application. Now what do I mean by container? Well a container is a standard unit of software that packages up code and all its dependencies so the application runs quickly and reliably from one computing environment to another; as some of you might know docker is a way of containerizing applications.

    For this tutorial I installed an OS called ‘HYPRIOTOS’ feel free to follow along with this guide with me by installing hypriot OS by clicking the link above


    • This guide assumes’ you already know a few things:
    • You should have some prior linux command line Experience.

    • You should already know how to download and install your OS to a microSD card.

    Worth noting Disclaimer:
    • If you wish to follow along with this tutorial, you will need to add an ssh file to the root directory. (this is done so we can ssh into the machine without using a monitor).

    • I did not take screen shots of every step.


  • Once you have the OS downloaded and installed onto your MicroSD card, go ahead and insert it into the raspberry pi. Now go ahead and insert the ethernet cable and then the power cable
    (If you decided to run a headless instance like this tutorial make sure to read the prerequisites and Disclaimer section prior to this step).

  • Once your raspberry pi is up and running you have two options depending on your comfortability of skill level:
  • You can use the GUI for your ISP to find the IP address of your raspberry pi. Or:
  • You could use the command line to find the IP address of your raspberry pi using networking tools such as nmap.
  • Now that you have the IP address for your raspberry pi you can now ssh into it.
  • ssh-pi


  • Once We've ssh'd into our machine the first thing I did was to initilize a docker swarm.

  • to be continued...


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